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Company NameOgawa Techno Co., Ltd.
Company Websitehttp://www.ogawa-techno.jp/
RepresentativeCEO Ryo Sakurai
Postal CodeMain Office / Factory 〒023-1131
Tokyo Office 〒135-8471
AddressMain Office / Factory Zisaikagawara240-1, Esashiku Odaki, Oshu-shi, Iwate
Tokyo Office 1-14-7 Fukuzumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
PhoneMain Office / Factory 0197-35-4161
Tokyo Office 03-3641-7123
FAXMain Office / Factory 0197-35-1114
Tokyo Office 03-3641-3816
FibersFlax, Ramie, Jute, Hemp, etc.
Industry 1Manufacturing (sewing)
Industry 2Processing of Tents/ Canopies/ Variety of haversacks & bags
Online Shop
CommentsOur former company Ogawa Tent, Co., Ltd. Esashi Factory was established in 1969, then split in 2000. We produce everything from personal tents to large-scale tents.
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